Data Types

The MaxQ spaceflight toolkit contains many convenient Blueprints Datatypes. The goal is to alleviate ambiguities of managing measurement units (Radians vs Degrees, Meters vs Kilometers, etc).

Where users are entering quantities into a Blueprint they will see the data type as well as the expected units of measure.

Entering an Ephemeris Time, “Seconds” is visible

Entering an Ephemeris Time, “Seconds” is visible

The most common data types are listed below.

Double Double precision scalar
SAngle Angular Measurement, serialized in degrees
SMassConstant Standard Gravitational Parameter values
SDistance Distance values, serialized in Kilometers
SDistanceVector SDistance, but 3-Dimensional
SDimensionlessVector Double, but 3-Dimensional
SSpeed Speed values, serialized as Kilometers/Second
SVelocityVector SSpeed, but 3-dimensional
SStateVector SDistanceVector, with associated SVelocityVector

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