SPICE kernel data files are loaded into MaxQ/SPICE using the Furnsh Blueprint action.


This action calls a SPICE routine, furnsh_c. Documentation about it is here:

furnsh_c : Load SPICE kernels
Load one or more SPICE kernels into a program.

Most of the SPICE UE5 library is a 1-1 mapping between MaxQ Blueprints and SPICE. However, in this case MaxQ furnsh works slightly different than the SPICE version. This is because furnsh loads data files from disk, and SPICE doesn’t really know anything about how Unreal Engine bundles up content/files/etc while maintaining location “portability” between the editor and a packaged application. The MaxQ of furnsh will prepend whatever path is necessary to reach the project’s directory, so it takes a relative path to SPICE kernel file locations. The relative path will look like Content/Spice/Kernels/filename.ext.

The button below copies a brief Blueprints script to your clipboard. It may then be pasted directly into the Unreal Engine Blueprint Editor.

If furnsh succeeds, execution continues from the Success pin. If it fails execution continues on the Error pin and an Error Message will be returned. This is a common pattern in MaxQ.

Copy Blueprint to Clipboard

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