The bodvrd Blueprint action calls the SPICE bodvrd_c routine. Documentation on bodvrd is here.

From the SPICE documentation:

Fetch from the kernel pool the double precision values of an item associated with a body.


Results of the above, reading the GM variable for body EARTH:


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This Blueprint action returns a value as a Wildcard variable. This wildcard is compatible with multiple datatypes - Double, Double(Array), SDimensionlessVector, SMassConstant, SDistance, SAngle, and SDistanceVector.

The user must ensure that the type and input units are appropriate for the wildcard conectee. Namely, that units and type match the data as authored in the kernel. For instance, angles as Degrees, distance as Kilometers. Etc. If the units do not match, the value will need to be converted in the Blueprint (convrt is often useful for that.)


Results of the above, for the RADII variable of body EARTH:

6378.136600, 6378.136600, 6356.751900)

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