Changelog posts

A running list of significant changes to the Spaceflight Toolkit for Unreal Engine and the Toolkit's SPICE/Unreal Engine integration.

June, 2022
1.0067.0 RC1

1.0067.0 RC0
Converted project to Unreal Engine 5 Plugin.
Submitted to Unreal Engine Marketplace Submission Approved by Epic

January Updates

Jan 19, 2022
The toolkit has been named MaxQ.

  • Renamed directory Source/SpaceToolkit to Source/MaxQ.
  • Exposed ‘tpictr’ to blueprints

Jan 16, 2022

Continued development of the toolkit to support project Space/Craft.

  • A Component Selector to optionally select only the X, Y, or Z SDistance values was added to bodvrd, bodvcd, and gdpool
  • Added Blueprint actions for bsrchd and shelld.
  • Added K2Node implementations for bodvrd, bodvcd, and gdpool which return Wildcard types (can become SDistance, SMassConstant, etc).
  • Added a new ‘Uncooked’ module for Blueprint compilation outside the editor. (Supports K2Nodes.)
  • Fixed an issue with certain API calls that returned Array types. The issue was Array types holding stale data, the fix was to ensure all cells are empty before using them.
  • Moved all c++ modules to a common parent directory, SpaceToolkit.
  • Deprecated all type specific variants of bodvrd, bodvcd, and gdpool. Callers should use the K2Node version (bodvrd, bodvcd, gdpool) which returns a wildcard value.

Jan 9, 2022


Jan 2, 2022

  • String formatters for SDistanceVector, SDimensionlessVector, SGeodeticVector, etc
  • String formatters for SDistanceVector, SDimensionlessVector, SGeodeticVector, etc
  • Vector, Rate, and State vector containers SCylindricalVector, SLatitudinalVector, SSphericalVector, SGeodeticVector, and SGeodeticVector
  • Added Bluprint Action implmentations

December Updates

Dec 25, 2021

The Toolkit has been publicly available as of Dec 25, 2021.

  • Toolkit added to GitHub
  • Added branch toolkit-base.
  • Added branch main. This branch contains the Unreal Engine modules and basic sample content of assets that are not unduly large.
  • A future branch, to be named toolkit-max, is on the Toolkit’s roadmap for more extensive samples and larger assets.