Coordinate Systems


There are 6 coordiante system types in MaxQ, each with its own data type. A 7th is indirectly supported via its individual elements.

#Coordinate System Variable Type Coords
Rectangular SDistanceVector X Y Z
Planetographic SPlanetographicVector LON LAT ALT
Geodetic SGeodeticVector LON LAT ALT
Latitudinal SLatitudinalVector R LON LAT
Spherical SSphericalVector R COLAT LON
Cylindrical SCylindricalVector R LON Z
Range, Right Ascension, Declination SDistance / SAngle / SAngle RANGE RA DEC


Conversions are provided to convert from one coordinate system type to another, easily.

Converting between coordinate system types is easy

Converting between coordinate system types is easy

Coordinate System Conversions
Rectangular (many)
Planetographic recpgr, pgrrec
Geodetic recgeo, georec
Latitudinal sphlat, cyllat, latcyl, latrec, reclat, latsph
Range, Right Ascension, Declination recrad, radrec
Spherical cylsph, latsph, recsph, sphcyl, sphlat, sphrec
Cylindrical sphcyl, cyllat, cylrec, cylsph, latcyl, reccyl
State xfmsta

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