Code Modules

The functionality in MaxQ is provided as API calls, which are equally accessible from either C++ or Unreal Engine Blueprints.

C++ Samples : MaxQCppSamples (UE Module)

This module contains C++ examples of using the MaxQ APIs. This module is not required for your completed project, it is reference-material only.

Sample 1

This sample demonstrates initializing MaxQ and loading kernel data via the C++ API.
To run the Sample, see Map Level:
Plugins/MaxQ Spaceflight Toolkit Content/CppSamples/Maps/CppSample01-kernels

C++ Levels

Sample 2

Demonstrates time manipulation, in level CppSample02-time.

Sample 3

Basic positions and state vectors (Spice SPK), in level CppSample03-positions.

Sample 4

Setting orientations with PCK Kernels, Reference Frames, and more, in level CppSample04-orientations.

Sample 5

Kepler Orbits, TLE’s, and more, in level CppSample05-kepler-orbits.

Runtime: Spice (UE Module)

This is the only MaxQ module your game will need. It contains the MaxQ Spice abstraction layers which enable calling SPICE through native Unreal Engine data types and function calls. C++ developers will want to review and make use of the APIs declared in Spice/Public, particularly Spice.h and SpiceTypes.h.

SpiceUncooked (UE Module)

The Uncooked Module contains code necessary to compile “uncooked” Spice Blueprints, so that Uncooked builds can be run outside the editor.

SpiceEditor (UE Module)

Contains any editor-only C++ functionality MaxQ implements.


This “module” compiles into a static library that is linked to the Spice module. It is the original SPICE code as provided by NASA/JPL/NAIF. Portions of the SPICE Toolkit that are not relevant to MaxQ have been removed to reduce the storage requirements. The full Toolkit is available from NAIF:
NAIF SPICE on the web

Note: The SPICE version that MaxQ is built on top of is embedded into the MaxQ version number. Note also that SPICE 2.0 is currently in development by NAIF.

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