Obtaining a state vector from orbital elements is easy.

Determine the state (position, velocity) of an orbiting body from a set of elliptic, hyperbolic, or parabolic orbital elements.

conics input variables:

What Type
Elts SConicElements Orbital Elements
Et SEphemerisTime Epoch, Ephemeris Time

conics output variables:

What Type
State SStateVector State Vector

The conics action computes a state vector

The conics action computes a state vector

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The definition of SConicElements:

Name Type
PerifocalDistance q SDistanceVector
Eccentricity e Double
Inclination i SAngle
LongitudeOfAscendingNode node SAngle
ArgumentOfPeriapse peri SAngle
MeanAnomalyAtEpoch M SAngle
Epoch epoch SEphemerisTime
GravitationalParameter GM SMassConstant

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